Kathy C-Young Living Executive

I have ditched and switched almost everything! I thought I was living the natural lifestyle already, but even the laundry detergent I was buying at the store wasn't pure like our Thieves detergent! The toothpaste makes my fragile teeth feel so clean and fresh! And I can't say enough about my oils! I use them for so many things, it would take me a month to tell you. I put them in my shampoo, I bathe in them, I ingest the ones that can be, I diffuse several different combinations, I have roller bottles, I rub them on our feet. I am working on financial freedom along with my daughter! Totally in love!

Rebecca J-Young living Executive

I have changed a lot since I started using oils. It's been eye opening for sure to see all the stuff we use regularly can be so harmful to us! Now instead of grabbing meds when we have an issue, I research and grab oils! I love using stress away and peace and calming to help my body naturally balance itself emotionally! And I love pro plus for helping with some hormone issues I've been experiencing! I've switched my face care products to yl, just ordered shampoo and body wash to try, love the thieves toothpaste, hand soap, cleaner! The list goes on and on! Our lives have changed so much for the better and we aren't as sick as often as we used to be! Im so happy we started with oils! And they have helped us financially to afford more oils 😍 and help to pay a little towards debt so far. It's definitely helped us afford to do more than we were before yl!

Misty R-Young Living Senior Star

I use peppermint to support my musculoskeletal system, flavor my water (with lemon vitality) instead of those flavored additives, and promote healthy respiratory system by pressing a drop to the roof of my mouth.
I use lemon to encourage my nails to stay strong and healthy instead of using the strengthening nail polish.
I no longer buy dangerous chemicals to clean my house and exclusively use the Thieves cleaner. (Usually add a drop or two of extra oils to enhance the smell (Christmas spirit was amazing added to it))

Ashley T-Young Living Silver

I never imagined what amazing financial freedom me and my family could gain from going on a health and wellness journey!  I have been able to walk away from my photography business and not have to worry about supplementing that income anymore.  I can focus on my children-not miss any more of their games, their school events, and be more present while they are growing, learning, and playing.  I began my journey looking to help boost my sons immune system and gained a life I never even thought was possible.

Kasey W-Young Living Silver

I think cleaning products have been the biggest eye opener for me! Getting rid of all the toxic cleaners and switching to thieves has been the best thing to ever happen to my house! I have thrown out all the other stuff, use thieves for everything, and have a whole extra cabinet in my kitchen since I don't have to store 10 different bottles now.

Laura B- Young Living Star

My sister bought a kit.  So I bought a kit from her just to "help out" with her new venture.  And...I'm a hippie at heart so I figured smelly good oils would be fun to play with in the diffuser.  The first diffuser combo that I used was lemon, lavender and peppermint because it was the only one I'd heard about.  We diffused it every night, and it made a world of difference for my husband to needs respiratory and immune support.  Recently, after generally not feeling well for years, he started using JuvaFlex on just the vita-flex points on his right hand and right foot.  Several of the issues he was facing improved after only two applications!  He applies morning and night.  My children now ask me for oils instead of band-aids.  We use them when we cook- Lime Vitality in our tacos, Basil Vitality & Oregano Vitality in spaghetti sauce, Orange Vitality and Lemon Vitality in our water.  My daughter cleaned the windshield in my car with Thieves cleaner the other day, then proceeded to eat her lunch.  She made a face and said her chicken tender tasted like Thieves.  I would have been worried about her ingesting any other chemical cleaner, but no worries with Thieves!  We have integrated oils into most aspects of our lives and are healthier and happier for it.  I love sharing my oils with those around me.  Every time I'm able to help is like a gold star for my heart, lol!!!

Lee-Anne H- Young Living Senior Star

I started using oils to promote a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family!  The first oils I used were lavender to help my little man have a peaceful night sleep and peppermint to help with the bass drum in my head!  I love using Stress Away to keep me calm when my rambunctious toddler threatens my insanity!  Ive been using some of the cleaning products (addicted to Thieves household cleaner) but when we move into our new house I can't wait to incorporate oils into all areas!  Finally, despite my business not growing, I'm feeling very blessed to be a part of such a supportive group of people who are so creative and motivated!