Step 8) This step is the most exciting step...Choosing your diffuser!!!  Default checked will be the the Dew Drop Diffuser set at the price of $160.  Your other options are the Aria ($260), Rainstone($205), or if you click that blue arrow button it will expose the home diffuser ($160) option.  If you need a rundown of the diffuser bullet points you can brows over them below.


Home   Diffuser


Featuring a beautiful, rose-inspired design, our ultrasonic Home Diffuser is custom designed with ambient light control and alternating 30-second on/off and continuous run settings. The Home Diffuser can help eliminate odors and create a positive, energetic atmosphere in any area of the house—especially when you diffuse a fresh-smelling blend like En-R-Gee

dew drop.jpg

Dew Drop Diffuser


More than just an aromatic diffuser, the Dewdrop also functions as a humidifier and atomizer in one simple-to-use product.  Inspired by the purity and elegance of a drop of dew, its features include a replaceable ultrasonic plate and simplified, single-mode operation, making the Dewdrop a great addition to any household.


Rainstone Diffuser


Sleek and easy to use, the Rainstone Diffuser is handmade by trained ceramic artisans. Use its included remote control to choose one, two, three, six, or eight hours of continuous ultrasonic diffusion with automatic shutoff, soft LED light settings, and negative ionizer settings. With a modern design, the Rainstone matches any minimalist home or office décor

aria diffuser.jpg

Aria    Diffuser


Combining useful features and beautiful, unique natural styling, the Aria offers timer settings, automatic shutoff, and multicolored LED lights. Paired with our RutaVaLa™ Roll-On, the Aria’s soothing built-in music or auxiliary audio port makes it a great companion for your yoga practice or a relaxing bath