Step 12) This step is all about filling in your personal information.  This is the first step in creating your account. Be truthful in all of your answers.  Your email will be used as a form to sign in if you ever want to order more products and where you will get notifications about your account.  Make sure you provide an email that you actually use so to not create a headache later.

Note: YL never calls you on the phone unless there is a customer service situation and you have requested them to contact you.

Note 2: Adding a Co-Applicant account is usually used to add your spouse.  Sometimes couples go into the Young Living business together and since couples can only collect one pay check/one account, this is the way to add the spouse along for the journey.  For further explanation on this matter you can check in the policies and procedures or contact your enroller and they would be happy to give you further details.  A spouse can be added at a later date if circumstances change, so do not feel like you need to make the decision right at the start if you want a Co-Applicant or not on your account.